Learning About Analyzing Novels

Learning About Analyzing Novels

How To Host Your Next Historical Novel Book Club Meeting

Everett Andrews

Are you in charge of hosting your next book club meeting? If so,, here are some ideas that will make your event a unique and fun one if you're reading a historical novel.

The Book Selection - This is probably one of the most fun aspects of hosting your next historical novel book club meeting. 

  • If you're thinking about historical fiction, consider a classic like Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind. Even if your friends have read it before, they'll love discussing it after reading it again.
  • For something different, think about reading a Roger Williams novel. Trust and Treachery will take the reader from the streets of London right to the days of the Puritans in America. Furnace is another Roger Williams novel, but not for the faint of heart. People may also enjoy his book Rekindled.
  • Perhaps you believe your group would enjoy a change of pace, like reading a biography. I Roger Williams: A Fragment of Autobiography is a historical biography that will tell of Roger William's early years in England, the threats he faces, those who help him, and then his flight to establishing religious freedom in America.

The Invitations - Even if your club meets on a certain day each month, your club members will probably still appreciate a reminder that book club is coming up.

  • Send a clever invitation in the mail.
  • Think about making a little book out of construction paper. On the front, write words like It's Time For Book Club! Follow with the date, time, place, and the name of the book you'll be discussing on individual pages.
  • As part of the invitation, think about telling about the author and giving a thumbnail sketch of what the book is about. 
  • Don't forget to give contact information so you'll know approximately how many will be attending.

The Event - Create an inviting mood.

  • Have refreshments ready right when your guests arrive. That way they won't be distracted later on, wondering what treats will be offered.
  • Of course, you'll provide comfortable seating. Remember to have good lighting, too. You may want to bring in extra floor lamps.
  • Provide paper and pens for those who want to take notes.
  • There might be attendees who have not read the book. If so, consider asking guests if they are willing to share their copy of the book you have selected to read.

Don't forget to establish the time and place of the next book club meeting. Ask the hostess to let everybody know as soon as possible what the book selection will be so you can all get started on it.


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