Learning About Analyzing Novels

Learning About Analyzing Novels

3 Great Benefits Associated With Reading Shakespeare

Everett Andrews

One of the best playwrights of all time has to be Shakespeare. He's responsible for so many great works that are studied daily in academic settings, and for good reason. If you're on the fence about diving headfirst into these amazing pieces of literature, here are several benefits you can get from doing so.

Helps You Get Lost in Story Lines 

No matter what Shakespeare work you pick up, there's always a great story line to look forward to. A lot of these plays center around tragedies, which teach you a lot about life. You'll have a completely new perspective for what life is and should be about. 

Other story lines that Shakespeare revolved his works around include revenge, death, love, obsession, retribution, sin, loyalty, and power. Learning about these motifs can teach you lessons that you take with you well after putting these works down. They're extremely applicable and can actually make you a better person. 

Challenges You on a Consistent Basis

When you read something, the best thing that can happen is that you're challenged by the work. If you aren't, you probably won't gain anything substantial because the material in the work was surface-level fluff. You don't get this when you read Shakespeare's works, however. 

Most of his works are challenging to get through, even for a lot of adults who read often. That's because the language is from a different time. It requires you to slowly read each word and sentence, which ultimately lets you comprehend and think more when reading. After completing one of these plays, you'll have more analytical skills that will help with other complex literature.

Creates Interesting Dialogue 

After reading a great work, you often want to share your experiences and perspectives with those who've also ready the work. Shakespeare's plays are great in this regard, as a lot of aspects are open to interruption. So much time has passed since these plays were written, so they have a lot of intrigue and history behind them.

You, thus, have many interesting talking points to bring up with others, whether it's within your family or at your next book club. The characters also make for interesting conversations, most notably Romeo and Juliet. You can discuss the struggles these characters had to deal with and possibly identify with them in your own way.

Even though the works of Shakespeare are not the easiest to read on a consistent basis, they can provide you with a lot of value. With a little patience and understanding, you can come away with so much. 

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