Learning About Analyzing Novels

Learning About Analyzing Novels

Horses And Kids: What Do You Want Kids To Learn When They Read About These Animals?

Everett Andrews

Horses hold a special fascination for many children. You have these large animals that seem gentle and docile, and kids love petting the soft, velvety muzzles of these creatures. If you have a youngster that is suddenly fascinated by horses and ponies, you can introduce them further to these animals through books. What exactly do you want your children to read and learn about horses and ponies? What would you like to learn about as you read along with them? The following subjects are discussed in many kids books about horses. You just have to choose based on what your child wants to know.

Caring for a Horse or Pony 

A lot of children ask their parents for a horse or pony as a pet. They do so not knowing how to care for these big animals, and not realizing that a horse or pony is an expensive pet. If you want to encourage your children to love these animals without refusing them the possibility of one day owning one (not now, of course!), then choose books and stories that talk about how much food a pony or horse eats every day, how to take care of such a large pet, and how much it costs every day to feed and take care of a horse/pony. Children not only learn a lot about horse and pony care from these books, but they are also able to grasp the expense and the magnitude of responsibility required to take care of such a big pet.

Breeds and Sizes of Horses and Ponies

Children are in awe when they see all kinds of horses and ponies in a field. They often mistakenly think that ponies are "baby horses," or that bigger draft horses are the "grandparent or daddy ponies." In fact, there are so many breeds and sizes of horses and ponies that it helps to read up on them with your child so that he/she understands the differences among draft horses, standard breeds of riding horses, ponies, and miniature horses, which are not ponies at all, but actually miniature versions of the standard breeds of full-grown horses. 

Tack and Riding Horses

Before your child ever takes a riding lesson, it is good to learn about tack and different styles of riding. Children only imagine getting on the back of a pony and walking in a circle, like at the county fair. However, there are different saddles, bridles, and bits for each type of riding (e.g., English, Western, Dressage, etc.). Books that talk about tack and riding prepare your child for the next step- riding a horse.


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