Learning About Analyzing Novels

Learning About Analyzing Novels

  • How To Host Your Next Historical Novel Book Club Meeting

    Are you in charge of hosting your next book club meeting? If so,, here are some ideas that will make your event a unique and fun one if you're reading a historical novel. The Book Selection - This is probably one of the most fun aspects of hosting your next historical novel book club meeting.  If you're thinking about historical fiction, consider a classic like Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind. Even if your friends have read it before, they'll love discussing it after reading it again.

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Learning About Analyzing Novels

Hello, my name is Derek Johnson. Welcome. I am here to talk about the process of analyzing novels to find underlying themes and motifs. When I was in school, I always took the time to break down the novels I was reading into smaller sections. As I broke down the novel format, I was better able to understand the themes and motifs running just under the surface. I want to share these techniques with you all to help you analyze your favorite stories. Please come back soon to learn all the information you need to know to complete this process. Thanks for visiting.