Learning About Analyzing Novels

Learning About Analyzing Novels

  • Historical Fiction May Coincide With What You Are Teaching Your Students

    You may occasionally find that it is difficult to interest your pupils about some key inventions from the past or prominent historical figures who made a difference in people's lives. Some topics may seem boring to some of your students, especially if the textbook information that is being presented is rather basic and to the point. To help your history students grasp various historical time periods and the people who lived then, introduce historical fiction books that expand upon some of the topics being studied.

  • Is Your Preschooler Curious About Santa? 3 Tips To Turn Reading A Favorite Holiday Story Into A Chance To Teach Literacy Skills

    Stories that tap into your child's interests are the ones that are most likely to hold their attention. While preschoolers are known to lose focus or wiggle their way through a story, you can bet that they'll want to pay attention when the subject pertains to something as exciting as Santa. Whether you are planning to turn this read aloud into a holiday tradition or your child is asking to hear it in the middle of summer, you can use these tips to turn an ordinary read aloud into an extraordinary experience for teaching important literacy skills.

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Learning About Analyzing Novels

Hello, my name is Derek Johnson. Welcome. I am here to talk about the process of analyzing novels to find underlying themes and motifs. When I was in school, I always took the time to break down the novels I was reading into smaller sections. As I broke down the novel format, I was better able to understand the themes and motifs running just under the surface. I want to share these techniques with you all to help you analyze your favorite stories. Please come back soon to learn all the information you need to know to complete this process. Thanks for visiting.